Empowering San Diego’s inner-city youth to step out in life with their best foot forward; without cowardice – but with courage and dignity.”         Archie Moore




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The Mongoose Boxing program is the athletic component to our youth programs.


The Learning Center provides students with a classroom environment where they can study and receive academic assistance.

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Tuesday and Thursday: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM


Our "Bridging the Gap" Summer and Spring Programs have a six week session (Summer) or one week session (Spring). The students spend their mornings in academic classes emphasizing reading, math and computer skills.


The Any Body Can Youth Foundation honors youth with the Mongoose Spirit Award. This award honors an ABC participant that has distinguished him/herself in the four core areas of citizenship, community service, academic performance and athletics. 


ABC's campaign to punch out racism, gang violence and mistrust of  the police.

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The ABC Youth Foundation benefits greatly from the genrous commitment of our volunteers.  We welcome any volunteer tutors and volunteer coaches.
Both tutors and coaches require a basic level of experience and will go through an orientation and any training necessary.  Experience with youth 7 years old to 17 years old a plus, but not required.
If you are interested in volunteering please register through our Volunteer Listing at the United Way of San Diego‘s website.
During the Summer we are in great need of volunteers for our “Bridging the Gap” Break Program!  The program runs during the day from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Monday – Friday for 5 weeks. If you would like to commit a full week of service, or even a single day per week for the 5 weeks, please contact us directly (see our Contact Us section).
Community Service Hours and Recommendation Letters may be provided.


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Phillip Applebaum

Phillip Applebaum was an amateur fighter with 12 PAL championships, heavyweight division in New York City. Then he went into the Golden Globes and made it to the finals after seven fights to get there and lost. He came in second in New York City in the Golden Globes.

Boxing has been a part of his life since before he was 15 years of age. His first professional fight was on a championship card! After that fight he found out he had scoliosis and degenerative disc disease. He was told he couldn’t fight anymore or he’d wind up cripple.

After a few back surgeries and doing good he was riding his motorcycle one day and he was hit by a car and ended up in a wheelchair where he remained until approximately 2010.

The fighter in him woke up and got him out of the wheelchair despite what any doctors told him and started training again just to get back in shape. Through a friend he found his way into ABC youth foundation and asked if they needed help around 2012 and he’s been volunteering here ever since!

Bob Boone

Coach Robert “Bob” Boone grew up in Los Angeles, CA and received an AA from Pasadena City College. He has worked with youth development for the San Diego Unified School District in special education. He learned to box in the US Army where, after he retired, he has brought his skills to the ABC Youth Foundation in 2008.

David Torres

David Torres is a USA Boxing Certified Coach. He goes by Coach D or Big D. He grew up in San Diego and received his high school diploma from The Charter School of San Diego. David joined ABC in 2012 when he was 15 years old as a boxer and later turned his talents towards coaching. He trained under Coach Moore, Coach Art Wilson, Coach Phil Applebaum and Coach Robert Boone.

Max Gardner

Max Gardner is the head trainer at 9round Pacific Beach and has trained competitive at the amateur level of boxing for 4 years. Even though boxing is his passion, Max loves nothing more than working with kids in the community of San Diego.

Bobo Elliott

Bobo Elliott is an active member of the Kumeyaay nation from the Manzanita Band of the Kumeyaay Nation located in San Diego. He was an amateur boxed when he was 16 years old. He participated in the 2006 Native American Olympics. He is active in his community and participates in his culture and traditions. ABC helped him out in his youth with problem solving and people skills.

Mumba Geilin

Andrea Stelten

Arthur Wilson (Honorary Coach)

Arthur Wilson started boxing at the age of eleven at the UpTown Boxing Gym next to the Apollo Theatre in New York. Trained along side Doug Jones who later fought Muhammad Ali in a 10 round professional fight. Many watchers thought this was the hardest fight on Ali’s road to the championship. When he left UpTown Gym he went to train at the Department of Parks center called the Bath House. The trainer was George Gasket who trained a lot of amateur champions but didn’t want to train professionals because he felt there was a corruption of boxing. Under his training he was able to train along side several World Champions including Emile Griffith, Benny ‘Kid’ Paret and Dick Tiger. Arthur entered and won several amateur champions and stopped boxing after George Gasket died.

Over 40 years of training, Arthur had several National Championships and over 50 non advancing tournament championships. He is one of the leading coaches in San Diego and a Clinician, which is the highest ranking coaching level (Level IV) in San Diego. He is an Elite Coach for USABoxing San Diego. Arthur was also invited to travel with USABoxing to China, Russia, England, etc.

Coach Wilson passed away on June 20, 2019 but he will always be a part of ABC.


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The ABC Youth Foundation benefits greatly from the genrous commitment of our volunteers.  We welcome any volunteer tutors and volunteer coaches.

Community Service Hours and Recommendation Letters may be provided.

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