Our Board

President & CEO

Billy Moore

Mr. Moore has been a highly touted member of the boxing community for over thirty years. He has worked with and trained the best there is. Mr. Moore has been the President and CEO of the ABC Youth Foundation for the past thirteen years, since the passing of his father Archie Moore who founded the organization in 1957. Mr. Moore has touched the lives of hundreds of youth and been a large part of many of them becoming successful and productive members of society. He has been a Boxing Color Analyst and Commentator on numerous boxing broadcasts. He has been an active member of the San Diego community for over thirty years and continues to give back. Mr. Moore has a passion for world missions and has traveled to more that thirty countries.


LeMar Slater

LeMar Slater is a testament to the effectiveness of ABC on young minds. Born in San Diego, LeMar benefited not only from ABC Boxing as taught by Instructor Billy Moore, but also the Ole Mongoose himself, World Champion of the Ring, and ABC creator, Archie Moore. Receiving this powerful training as a youth, LeMar was able to navigate schools and neighborhoods where gangs and drug activity were the norms and graduated as a class valedictorian. LeMar studied in the shadows of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., at historic Morehouse College, a school with a rich tradition of producing men who are leaders with integrity. As an honors graduate of Mathematics and an instructor, LeMar has returned to his home in San Diego to continue to the legacy of ABC. LeMar Slater is currently enrolled in graduate studies at San Diego State University. He has taught courses at La Jolla Country Day School, UCSD High School AVID Summer Sessions, and the Southern Sudanese Community Center. He is an active member of Bethel Baptist Church and is proud to have as a younger brother, Mr. Leroy Slater, as both a fellow ABC and Morehouse Graduate.

Site Coordinator

Shelia Malveaux

Shelia Malveaux has over 40 years of experience in the field of education. She has spent the majority of this time working with inner-city youth from ages two thru adult education. She was very instrumental with developing a parent involvement program for the parents at the elementary school. She also helped implement a program that empowered girls to build character and confidence in themselves. She also served as the founder and administrator of a charter school for 7 years. Ms. Malveaux implemented a tutoring program on Saturdays for students struggling in their academics and a Saturday science program for the children at the charter school. She led the teachers and staff to always believe that each child has value and can achieve whatever they put their minds to do. Over the past 5 years Shelia Malveaux has become involved with the ABC Youth Foundation. She has volunteered for the afterschool program and tutored children in their need areas. She has coordinated the ABC, “Bridging the Gap Summer Program” which exposed the youth to opportunities of success. Shelia Malveaux has dedicated her life to working with the youth of San Diego and continues to advocate on their behalf

Board Member

Amy Murad

Amy Murad is a retired SDUSD teacher. Over her 28 year career, she taught various grade levels and was the school librarian at Toler Elementary School. Amy joined the ABC Board in 2011 and has held the position of Director of Education in the past. Her volunteer efforts at ABC include creating the “Bridging the Gap” program with Florence Moore and starting the learning center. She also established the Little Free Library in front of the establishment and maintains the book collection. She has been involved in several fundraising activities and co-chaired the 2019 gala “The Main Event”. In addition to ABC, Amy has been active in organization such as Neighborhood Watch, American Red Cross, Lasagna Love, and SD Rapid Response Network Migrant Shelter.

Board Member

Robert Murad

Dr Murad is currently a clinical assistant professor of medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine and in that capacity serves as a consultant to Qualcomm in San Diego. Prior to that Dr Murad was a mentor physician at Scripps Clinic Medical Group for 29 years. He received his undergraduate education at Cornell University, his medical education at New York University School of Medicine and his training in Internal Medicine at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine. He is the co- founder of Sotera Wireless He has received Scripps Clinic's Ruth Black Employee Achievement award, San Diego's Best Doctor Award, and has been named one of America's Top Physicians since 2005. He has served on the boards of Scripps Clinic Medical Group, Triage Wireless, and North Coast Aquatics.

Executive Director

Terence L. Shigg

Terence L. Shigg is a retired federal law enforcement officer (27 years) and a practicing licensed marriage and family therapist. For 20 years, he was a leader in the largest federal labor union, the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE). His education includes a BA in Psychology from the University of California Santa Barbara and a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from National University. In 2012, he was honored with a Leadership award from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, San Diego for his role in developing and presenting suicide awareness training. He has been trained in Blue Courage (, HeartMath (, Critical Incident Skills Management (CISM) and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST). He served as the president of a local labor union (AFGE Local 1613) and vice president of a national labor council (National Border Patrol Council). Terence developed relationships with national and local politicians, leaders, and organizations. He is active in his church (The Rock – and volunteers as a community chaplain.

Board Consultant

Dr. William Mobley

Dr. William Mobley is a Distinguished Professor of Neurosciences at the University of California, San Diego, Associate Dean for Neuroscience Initiatives and Director of the Down Syndrome Center for Research and Treatment at UCSD. Before moving to UCSD in 2009, he was Professor and Chairman of the Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences at Stanford where he directed Stanford’s Center for Research and Treatment of Down Syndrome. His research focuses on the cellular and molecular biology of Alzheimer's disease (AD), especially as manifest in those with Down syndrome (DS-AD). His lab is defining the roles of disrupted synaptic function and neurotrophic signaling, exploring underlying mechanisms, and discovering possible treatments. His studies focus increasingly on the dysregulation of the endolysosomal network (ELN) in compromising the function of synapses and axons. Importantly, increased APP gene dose and increased levels of Aβ42 induce ELN dysregulation, pointing to this as a critical pathogenesis hub. He is President of the Trisomy 21 Research Society and Chair of the Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board of the National Down Syndrome Society. Dr. Mobley is a member of the National Academy of Medicine and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Board Member

Declan Brown

Declan Brown, Vice Chair of Governance Committee, and Secretary, HumanGood and its affiliates Declan Brown began his service as a member of the ABHOW Board in 2013, joining the HumanGood board when the group and ABHOW merged in 2016. As a merger specialist, Mr. Brown contributed his expertise in mergers and acquisitions in subsequent affiliations with Presby’s, which is now HumanGood East, and others. Mr. Brown has more than 25 years of consulting experience in the transportation industry, his experience spans the world of strategic planning for railroads, ports, ocean carriers, intermodal marketing companies, and shippers. As co-founder and president of the Kingsley Group, Inc. Brown consulted on several major mergers/acquisitions and has worked on other rail transactions in Europe, Brazil, Mexico, and Central America. He has past experience with Southern Pacific Transportation Company and has been an advisor to governments in Central America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Brown has been a speaker on transportation matters at conferences both nationally and internationally.

Board Member

Coach Max

Coach Max has been a personal trainer and boxing coach for the past several years. He enjoys mixing the 'old school' style of training taught to him by Instructor Billy Moore, while also incorporating newer forms of exercise such as high-intensity interval training and dynamic strength and conditioning. Most importantly, Max's main passion is mentoring and connecting with the kids of abc, not only boxing but in all aspects of life.


Isabel Garcia

Isabel Garcia, 24, is a student-athlete, artist, and advocate for the ABC since 2013. She has a Bachelor's degree from the University of California San Diego with a major in Studio Art and minor in Education Studies. Isabel is also an artist activist in her community and strongly believes in the principles learned at the ABC throughout the years of mentoring and training in boxing from her coaches. She is a freelance illustrator and muralist who uses her craft to speak on social issues involving public education, self-advocacy, its impact and importance in underrepresented communities, as well as the value of higher education for the youth from lower-income backgrounds."

Board Member

Avon Kendrick


ABC Coordinator Bill Bishop

Developmental Coordinator

Bill Bishop

Bill Bishop is President is excited to join the teamat the ABC Youth Foundation, inspired by his deep connection to its legacy. With a personal tie to the Foundation through his friendship with the late Director Lou Lake, Bill brings a wealth of experience and passion for youth development. A dedicated athlete and advocate for youth sports programs, Bill has a storied history of involvement in initiatives aimed at nurturing the potential of young individuals. His conversations with Heisman Trophy winners Mike Garrett and Rashaan Salaam underscore his commitment to exploring avenues for positive youth engagement. Bill's cherished possession, the book Any Boy Can by Archie Moore, serves as a testament to his enduring respect for the Foundation's founding principles. As the Foundation continues to evolve under the leadership of Archie Moore's son, Billy Moore, and esteemed executives like Terence Shigg, along with dedicated associates like Quincy Brown, Bill looks forward to contributing his skills and insights to further the organization's mission. With a focus on expanding opportunities for both boys and girls, the Foundation's impact on the community is poised to reach new heights, and Bill is eager to be a part of this transformative journey.


Head Coach

Victor Worascham

Introducing Coach Victor Worsham, a pillar of the boxing community whose journey began at the Jackie Robinson YMCA in San Diego, CA, at the age of 15. Rising through the ranks, he solidified his place in boxing history as a Golden Gloves Champion, boasting an impressive record of 45 amateur fights. His dedication to the sport extended beyond the ring, as he served as the equipment supervisor for the 1984 Olympic Boxing Team. Transitioning to coaching in 1986, Coach Worsham's expertise led him to helm the USA Boxing Team, including memorable matches against England. Renowned as an elite boxing coach, he nurtured talent at all levels, guiding California's youngest Golden Gloves Heavyweight Champion to victory. His contributions to the sport were duly recognized with induction into the San Diego Hall of Champions alongside his Golden Glove protégé. A mentor and inspiration to countless boxers, Coach Worsham's impact reverberates throughout San Diego, shaping district, regional, and national champions. His legacy as a local boxing coach remains unmatched, embodying the spirit of perseverance, excellence, and community in the ring and beyond. .

ABC Youth Alumni


ABC Youth Foundation has a 64 year history of positively changing the lives of young students and we are pleased to see the success and contributions our students have made throughout San Diego.

Martin Nunez

ABC Youth now San Diego Deputy District Attorney;
Rising Aztec Award,
San Diego State University

“High School was at times of trouble and challenge fo me. It seemed like it would bounce from one issue to another. Billy Moore and ABC got things settled down for me and I embraced the values of the ABC Concept. The discipline I gained got me through college and law school. I am proud to be a deputy district attorney for San Diego and I enjoy going back and speaking to ABC Youth Students.”

Lizzette Corrales

ABC Youth now San Diego Deputy District Attorney; Rising Aztec Award, San Diego State University

“I am so fortunate to have a program like ABC Youth Foundation. With their structure and support I was accepted into UC Berkeley and am now flourishing both as a student and a boxer. I look forward to seeing both the academic and athletic accomplishments of the next generation that go through the program.”

Abraham Lopez

ABCYouth Foundation Alumni; University of Washington 1st Year Medical Student
“I am proud to say I am an ABC Youth Alum. I came to ABC Youth Foundation when I was in High School. I met Billy Moore and I embraced the values of the ABC Concept. Those values have stayed with me through my life and got into Medical School. I look forward to giving back to the ABC Community.

Lemar Slater

ABC Youth Foundation Alumni; Honors Graduate Morehouse College: ABC Youth Director of Educational Programs

“I first came to ABC Youth when I was eight years old and I met Instructor Moore when he was teaching us the values of the ABC Concept. Instructor Moore and the ABC Concept raised my sights for my life and got me to graduate with Honors from Moorehouse College. Today I am proud to serve as Director of Educational Programs at ABC Youth.”


Your donation to ABC will help bring hope and stability to our community. Our foundation has everything in place to change the lives of the youth in south San Diego. We have a board of directors composed of prominent citizens including doctors, lawyers, educators and business leaders. We have a board of education formally recognized partnership with neighboring Golden Hill School. Credentialed teachers and coaches are present in the gym/learning center at least four hours each day after school. Both Golden Hill and King-Chavez school students have shown tremendous interest in participating in our program. It is our goal to provide the highest quality program to the largest number of youth and for this we need financial support. Please consider contributing to the vision of ABC. There is an ongoing need for up-to-date boxing gear, athletic equipment, and uniforms. We intend to continue building our library/learning center by filling our bookcases with books, and providing a quiet, comfortable space where our students can study.

You will feel proud to know that by donating to ABC Youth Foundation, not only are you keeping kids safe from gang violence, but you are offering them a positive alternative.