the vision of
a legend

How We Got Started

ABC Youth Foundation was started by boxing Legend, Archie Moore in 1957. Archie was more than a boxer; he was a visionary who predicted a violent drug and gang epidemic that would trouble our nation. He proposed a simple solution: prevention. With this idea in mind, the Any Boy Can Youth Foundation was formed (later renamed Any Body Can Youth Foundation). Archie used the lure of boxing to instill discipline, respect, and other positive values into the lives of youth to prevent them from falling into dangerous lifestyles.

Carrying on in his father’s legacy Billy Moore, son of Archie Moore, has continued the organization’s mission ever since his passing. Billy Moore became deeply involved and held the torch on his journey of service when his faith of the Holy Spirit guided him and called upon him to restart the organization 26 years ago. Furthering the mission of empowering our youth to thrive, Billy Moore’s leadership at Anybody Can Youth Foundation today is thriving and impacts the lives of countless young individuals!            

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